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I fill out one damaged stripe on the crosswalk with pennies.


I clean up one block of concrete on the street. 


This is first part of video which I took after opening. This video contains Serial Numbers Room, Bottom-Dwelling Fish, Dressing Room, and Warning Room.


This is second part of video. This video contains Untitled passage,Red Room, Deterged Room, Dominated Room, and Ad-xxx. 


This kinetic sculpture is one of the original advertising signs of the bar where I did the installation. I hooked it up to an air compressor on a timer, so it throbs like a phallus. 


I hold a large scale installation in the hostess bar(Roomsalon) which is closed about 10years ago. Since Korean government forced poeple to leave out this place, they left most of their belonings: clothes, cup, sofa, etc.  

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