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Warning Room (bathroom)


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Dominated Room (bathroom)

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Hwang jin-yi Roomsalon

Hostess bar(Roomsalon) in Korea

   Hostess bars(Roomsalons) are the places where women serve drinks to male customers. The hostesses and the customers usuallyl take off most of their clothes and stay in the room together, chatting, flirting, and drinking, touching each other and doing body shots, etc. There are various levels of performances and sexual services available, but the interesting thing is that co-workers or clients are participating in sexual acts right in front of each other. Sharing this transgressive experience seems to unite or bond them.

   Hostess bars come from ancient geisha culture, and they've been places to conduct political and business deals for centuries. Many politicians have launched public morality campaigns to get rid of them, but a past president even had one in the presidential palace. They've always been at the center of our society.

Hwang jin-yi Roomsalon

260 square meter

8rooms, 5batherooms, 1kitchen

The place had been vacant for 8 years.

Since the people in that place were force to leave by a police raid(2004), everything was left there.


Bottom-Dwelling Fish


Serial Numbers Room

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