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“Every American has a penny jar in their home……”

”No one cares about peeling stripes on the crosswalk……”


“The American dream is not a truth anymore.”


Hhu, conversation with cops during 3375 performance. Oct 21, 2015


 “The streets of America are paved with gold.” This is an old saying originating from people who had an American dream. I tried to forge a perfect America on the street with pennies and my volition. I filled out one damaged stripe on a crosswalk with pennies. The stripe looks like gold from a distance, but in reality, it is nothing but spare currency, pennies.

 I have seen a lot of foreigners who are used by American companies and then exiled because the company does not care about employees' visas. One of my friends had dedicated himself to a company for more than four years but then was banished from the corporation. Though my friends are kicked out of this country, the company still insists that they are an international company with international workers.


 Perhaps the pennies stick there to maintain a so-called "country built by immigrants" and make it glistening, but the value of pennies and the period they stay on the crosswalk might be analogous to the situation of foreign workers in this country. I, as a foreigner in America, try to raise a question regarding what is a true, perfect America, on its street.

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