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Performance: 153x154

Installation view

“One lives and survives only if one has the ability to swallow and digest bitter and unpalatable things.”  

—Jamil Ahmad   The Wandering Falcon


           Cleaning makes things dirty. For an object to become clean, something else has to absorb its dirt. In the end, one item ends up gleaming while the other is sullied. A spotless item seems to embody purity, but all that's happened is a transfer of material.


           I focus on this transfer. The way I choose is to show my action: cleaning. I remove dust and dirt on the floor. I turn a filthy, lackluster space into a pristine and purposeful place, as I absorb the dirt just like the function of rags.


          My performance, called 153x154, raises a question about the act of cleaning. I clean up one block of concrete on the street.


           However, my performance has limitations. Even though I clean up, my cleaning disturbs the entire system. I just clean up a tiny square in a huge grid. How can I say that I shine things up to diminish trashy clutter and control grime? In the end, my performance just spawns another chaotic situation on the street. 

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