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 TORA TORAH_sinkhole filler is a sculpture that virtually fills in a sinkhole, redressing the disaster and preventing further accidents. I modeled a sinkhole which appeared in An-sung, Korea(remote countryside). In order to adjust to the sinkhole that gets constantly and gradually deeper, the sculpture is designed for one to manually extend and fill in the new gap, maintaining the flatness of the ground. In exhibition space, I put the filler upside down from how it would actually be installed in the sinkhole. The sculpture grows taller, resembling the movement of humanity establishing glorious civilizations. However, the structure's heightened victory, in fact, indicates the deeper hole.

 Since the hole gets deeper every moment, in order to maintain the flatness, someone should always be inside of the sculpture to raise the structure. In the end, this work implies futility as a result of endless effort.

TORA TORAH_sinkhole filler


[CENSORED]tower (prototype)

YCTB-017 (prototype)

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