Hetaera: Kneeling Venus

Hetaera (Relief)

          In my exhibition, RUB-RUB-RUB, I made a goddess statue with dirty rags, and put it in space that is furthest from the entrance. I hung dirty rags from the ceiling in an arrangement like an Asian Temple. As viewers try to avoid the dirtiness of the low-hanging rags, they're forced to bow down so that they're actually "worshipping" the dirty statues without knowing.


        One day, I realized that, for from many people's conception of Venus as a pristine icon of classical beauty, she was just a sex symbol of antiquity- ancient porn. That irony sparked this exhibition. This audience participation piece highlighted how people are controlled by sex even as they try to avoid its "dirtiness." The space was designed so that visitors would try to avoid the dirty rags and would be forced to bow their heads at certain points. However, there were statues and images of dirty goddesses placed everywhere, making it impossible for visitors to avoid "worshipping" them.


          The term ‘Rag’ is a slang in Korea that represents promiscuous women, and men also. Prostitutes. However, whenever people clean something, rags get dirty. 

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